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Giglio Asla snc & C.
Corso Italia, 381
80063 Piano di Sorrento (Na) - ITALIA
Tel. 081 8785543 Fax 081 8771434

For over 70 years GIGLIO ASLA supplies the highest quality in inlaid wood, all over the world. The history of Italian inlaid wood is fascinating, even more so to those with an interest in classical pieces. Today marquetry constitutes one of the mainstays of the local economy.

GIGLIO ASLA’s products are distinguished by the wood inlay the Italians call “intarsio”. Intricate designs are created with hundreds of tiny pieces of wood, carefully selected, making each item one of unique beauty and craftsmanship. The particular variety of woods, originating for the most part from Europe and Africa, the drying process, assembly and varnish all contribute towards the making of exceptional items. The meticulous puzzle-like assembly of tiny pieces of wood may require up to 25 different varieties of wood. Our woods are perfectly dried and the veneering is meticulously selected. These woods compose ebony, elmwood, maple, poplar, briar, rosewood, vavon and walnut dyed in different colors. We make a point of searching for the best craftsmen, in line with our tradition.